It has been a busy, but very fun, few weeks on Koh Samui with the arrival of our first summer volunteers settling into our awesome new volunteer house.


Our first lot of arrivals saw Hattie, Izzy, Skye, Sammi and Annie descend on Samui. Unfortunately two of our volunteers bags decided they were not ready to venture to Samui so we spent four days buying market clothes and coming up with possible places the bags had decided to travel to. Perhaps to Bangkok where they wanted to taste the famous Thai street food or to Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat, or did they travel to Brazil for the world cup?! Luckily after four days and lots of theories the girls were reunited with their beloved bags. It was a special moment in the house to say the least. Our first few weeks together were filled with running around, organising, teaching, chasing bugs, the occasional power cut and lots of yummy Thai food.

photo 2

All five girls decided that they must experience a backpackers tradition and sneaked away to Koh Phangan for a full moon party. They even managed to make a weekend of it by heading to Koh Tao for some snorkelling, beach and fun in the sun.


Sadly Sammi and Annie departed at the end of their second week to continue travelling around Thailand, however the house didn’t stay quiet for long as we saw six more volunteers arrive. The house and team got to welcome Molly, Rea, Gemma, Michelle, Tiger and Kirsty to Samui and suddenly our family grew!

Our first few days together have been incredible with everyone doing such an amazing job. Tiger has taken on the role of alpha male in a house with eight females yet he doesn’t seem to mind!

photo 3-1

The house continues to grow into a big family with karaoke nights that contain a mix of singing, some good, some not so good, family dinners, games and stories. Coming soon to our volunteer house is a ping pong table where aggressive weekly ping pong matches will take place. You’ve been warned!

The team on Samui feels extremely lucky to have such an incredible group of volunteers who are dedicated to providing the best learning experience at both the nursery and the school. They have become an important part of school life and the kids love having them around. We are looking forward to the next few weeks and all the adventures we are yet to have.

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