Hello all, and welcome to summer-time with Starfish in Thailand! We kicked off our summer-time by welcoming a big group of new volunteers to Surin for a variety of projects. My team and I are so happy to spend our summers meeting new people and making new friends.

We started our week by picking up volunteers like we always do. Then we showed the volunteers the many sights of Bangkok with our day tour. Our Bangkok tour is always a lot of fun and this time was no different.

Bangkok Tour

Some of the volunteers this week went on to our teaching project and made themselves and our team very proud. We love that young people want to help teach in our communities as it really benefits not only the children’s learning but also their confidence.

teaching volunteer in Thailand

As you probably already know, in Thailand we have a really nice culture and friendly people who always pay respect to teachers and elders. We like to remember people who taught us to be a good person and gave us an education. So we have a celebration in the second week of June each year to say thank you to all of the teachers in Thailand.

celebrating teaching volunteers in Thailand

On the weekend some of the volunteers decided to visit Pra Nom Roong castle. It’s not far from Surin and is a very beautiful structure made from sandstone. Surin has so many cool and interesting things to do on that it can sometimes be hard to decide what to do. But you are always guaranteed a great weekend!


We are just starting our summer and we can’t wait for more volunteers to come and experience a Thai summer in Surin. Perhaps we will even see you here?


Keep a look out for more of my blogs, I can’t wait to share more updates about the fun we are having with you.

Nam, Surin volunteer coordinator

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