During the school year, one of my favorite times of the day is lunchtime. Actually, it’s right after we eat lunch – I get to play my ukelele and teach some of the kids the joy of this 4 string instrument. It gives me great joy to see them wanting to learn and practicing basic chords and songs. Ukelele is my passion, and my best friend.

There was an article last week about a young man who was accepted to all of the Ivy League schools – a very rare feat! He wrote an essay on music about how playing the violin helped him to expand his mind and helped him to come up with solutions. Many people tell me that I am an outstanding swimmer (I grew up in Hawaii) and I always say playing the ukelele is a lot like swimming. In swimming you have to synchronize your arms, kicks, and breathing and in ukelele, you strum, switch chords, and sing at different tempos.

Music can open a whole new world of possibilities: you can play songs to reflect your emotions of happiness, sadness, loneliness, praise, or hope. In fact, the biggest song of this year is the “Happy” song so let’s all grab a uke’ and be happy!

Siam is our friendly, much loved assistant on the beautiful tropical island of Samui in Thailand. Join one of our Samui projects and join in the fun!

— Thanks for the sweet story Siam, and thank you for spreading joy through music at our teaching projects.

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