There has been lots of lovely moments in the past month but this one I just have to share with you all! One night I was cooking for our group of amazing volunteers just like many other nights when we get together and share some good food and a have a drink. On this particular night three of the volunteers; Amber, Becky and Louise came in to talk with me about something they had been thinking about.

They had been deeply moved by their time volunteering at the Wat Toong school and had noticed that the school needed some pretty desperate renovation work. They went on to tell me that they really wanted to help the Wat Toong school build a new roof to make it safer for the children. Well, what can I say? I was shocked and also so happy that they wanted to help. They told me that they wanted to raise £1900 to get the work done and have some left to build a safe play area too! I thought it was a wonderful idea but I didn’t know how they would pull it off, after all, it was a lot of money.

We talked some more and I explained to them more about the history of the school and they said that they would make a video about it and put it online. The next thing I knew the webpage was online and within just two weeks they had made it happen! Their Indiegogo campaign has now passed their goal of £1900 and the donations are still coming in.

I am so incredibly happy and the Wat Toong team are so proud of them. I’m really impressed with the amazing things they have done. Their campaign still has 19 days left so be sure to check it out and see what an amazing job they have done, and be sure to watch their video too –

I’d like to do a few special mentions; last week I had Sarah the medical volunteer with me. She helped 2 children at a childcare centre with wound dressing. We also got some help from P’ Pab (a nurse at Takook clinic) who offered us their expertise for free. They supported the 2 children by supplying medicines and supplies. Both boys are no feeling much happier and are healing well.

I hope you enjoyed my stories from Surin this week, just writing about all this great news is making me smile!


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