Last week, we had 4 new volunteers come to Thailand, two of them came to volunteer on our medical project and the other two came along to get involved with our childcare project. I get so excited every time new people come out to our volunteer project – it never gets old!

Ok, so here is a slightly weird story from when I was in Bangkok picking up our new volunteers from the airport. On their second night in Bangkok we have a ‘welcome night; where we go out for dinner and drinks and we all get to know each other. While we were all sat down on Khao San road enjoying ourselves a woman came over to sell us the “fried scorpion” and YES she did mean a SCORPION! We all looked at each others faces, some of us were looking a little braver than others, so we decided to buy one! After all, it’s not every day that a lady comes along to sell you a fried scorpion and these are the kinds of chances in life we have to take, so why not? And so the night became suddenly a lot weirder as we tried to work out how to eat a scorpion. We decided to eat it in the only way any of us really wanted to – by sharing it out! I was so proud of my brave volunteer group in that moment as we all tried a bit. Some ate a leg, some ate the tail and some ate the claws. It was a great, and strange, moment. But…

Khao San Road Eating a Scorpion

But the BODY part was left! Maybe you are thinking ‘I bet the group shared the body too’ erm, nope! They had left all of the body part for me to eat all by myself! I wanted to scream out loud “O-M-B!” (Oh my Buddha!) Please don’t ask me what it tasted like, I’d rather not be reminded of eating it. Eating a scorpion body is a once in a lifetime thing and I am glad to say that I’ve now done it so I don’t feel the need to do it again.

Jay and Lauren, our child care volunteers, had a great on the project. On the first day at the project the kids really enjoyed playing games with them and loved the stickers and gifts they had brought over from England. All day the class was sticking the stickers everywhere and colouring in. Our volunteers were having a great time too.

Childcare volunteering program

And the end of last week a representative of San Diego State University donated money for 5 community clinics. and 8 co-working places from their last volunteer project with us in January 2014. They have raised 180,000 Baht in donations and I am so appreciative of their hard work and kindness. This is a lot of money and will make a huge difference, I’m very proud of them all! This was a great happy ending to finish my working week. A huge thank you to everyone who made mine and our volunteers week awesome!

San Diego State University Donates to Starfish Medical Projects

I hope you enjoyed my story this week, have a super day!


PS – How cute is this?!

Cute child with stickers on his face at our volunteer project

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