I’ve never been one to make a big deal about my birthday.  Sure I appreciate a good celebration and all the kind wishes and gifts that come with it, but I’m just as content with a quiet dinner at home as a wild night out these days.  This year I wasn’t even given a choice.  As soon as my current volunteer group learned of my looming milestone, they made it abundantly clear that my 26th would be a night to remember.

The Koh Samui volunteers

After a great few days of building dams, teaching and painting at the local nursery and getting lost in the jungle from time to time (very briefly), it was time for the festivities to begin. Work hard, play harder is a common theme here at Starfish Volunteers.

volunteers working hard

volunteer building work

volunteers playing with children

I started off with a nice quiet meal to build up some energy for the impending marathon.  By the time I made it to Ark Bar, the rest of my group was well in to the celebration and eager to get me up to speed.  They skipped the whole “Happy Birthday” bit and went right to…. “Weeee like to drink with Daniel, cause Daniel is our mate! And when we drink with Daniel, he downs it all in 8…7…” I think we all know the rest.

One of the great things about Samui is its varied nightlife – beach bars with fire dancers, dance clubs of every musical variety, quiet pubs for a pint and a chat – so many options all within walking distance.  It was only right that we tried them all.

I really enjoyed sharing the celebration with my fellow expats living on the island and the 20 friends I met just days before.  It was certainly a birthday I’ll never forget… though some of the details are certainly proving difficult to remember.

Many thanks to everyone who came out and especially to my boss for giving me the next day off!

Daniel, Koh Samui Volunteer Coordinator

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