Hi everyone! I hope you are had a wonderful week.
It’s been a busy few days for us in Surin. We are so very happy with our new childcare facility and the new building is well on it’s way to being finished soon. We actually started to move in already so that everyone can get settled. The children and our volunteers were very excited to finally see the new building – it really looks wonderful! All of the kids are very happy and have settled in well, so it’s off to a good start.

volunteers helping to move furniture
The new childcare facility
Last week we also had a new group of lovely teaching volunteers who came just in time to support us as the last week of the school semester is approaching.
teaching work volunteers
We had a great time and lots of fun learning about the different sounds animals make. Maybe you are wondering ‘are the sound of animals for western people and Thai people are different?’ Yes, they are different! So in this class we had lots of fun charing the different animal sounds and then trying to copy them.
volunteers teaching animal sounds
teaching volunteer work
Here’s what we learned:
Western Dog = Woof Woof          Thai Dog = Hong Hong
Western Duck = Quak Quak          Thai Duck = Kap Kap
Western Pig =  Oink Oink          Thai Pig = Ood Ood
Western Birds =  Twit Twit          Thai Birds = Jib Jib
Western Cow = Moo Moo          Thai Cow = Mor Mor
Western Chicken = Cockadoodle doo          Thai Chicken = Eak E Eak Eakk
Hahahah! It sounds so different. I hope these sound make you happy and put a big smile on your face and you don’t forget them when you next come to Thailand.It just goes to show, traveling can give you more insight than you can get by just reading about things (and can be more fun!).

Nam, Surin volunteer coordinator
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