Happy new year!

Yes this is our Thai New Year (Songkran Festival) which we are always excited for. The Thai new year happens every year on 13th of April where Thai people we will go to a temple early in the morning and give offerings of food to the monks. Then the fun starts!

This year I had my special guest Jaclyn Smith, a very special volunteer who has visited us on a project last year and came back again during January. This time she came to visit us so we could all spend Songkran together.

After my family and I went to the temple temple I invited Jaclyn to come and be my guest at  my place for some food. Then in the afternoon we went out to celebrate Songkran with my family and friends. Everyone was spraying water and having an amazing time, it felt like the whole community was out ensuring we were all drenched! All along the roadside people were targets for my water gun! Unfortunately for Jacky (but fortunately for me!) she was the main target that everyone chose to soak.

Everyone got completely soaked, covered in clay powder and had another incredible New Year celebration. Such a lot of fun for this year!

Nam, Surin volunteer coordinator

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