We have a tonne of respect for our volunteers – giving up their time and energy to help others is totally awesome – but sometimes they experience things that deserve even more respect from us. This was one of those times.

Each week we keep our Facebook page updated with all the latest happenings from our Thailand projects and this week our team in Surin uploaded a photo that horrified us.

The story goes that a local woman was having some issues with one of her ears, so our healthcare volunteers sat her down for them to have a closer look. After a brief inspection it was clear that something was blocking the woman’s ear canal and so the careful removal of the obstacle begun. Here is what they pulled out…

Healthcare volunteers in Thailand remove huge cockroach from a woman's ear!

Photo taken as it happened by our healthcare coordinator in Surin.

What you are looking at there is the remains of a cockroach! Does it get any more creepy than that?

No one knows how it got there but it’s speculated that it started off as an egg and grew inside the woman’s ears.

The woman, as you can probably imagine, is now much happier since her guest has been evicted. We hope that you all join us in thanking our volunteers who not only deal with bizarre and creepy situations like this but who also use their time and skills to make a difference to people’s lives.

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