To paraphrase the 80’s pop classic by Murray Head – “One night in Bangkok, and the world is your oyster… except between the hours of midnight and 4am.”

Khao San Road Party Goers

Yes, curfew is still in place, but don’t think that means the party has stopped. More like it is taking a little nap.

Starfish Volunteer abroad group

This weekend was the start of a new group of volunteers’ experience in Thailand. The Starfish team meets every new volunteer at the airport, and takes them into the belly of the of Bangkok – Khao San Road. If you don’t already know about Khao San Road, it is the backpacker’s hub. The spiritual center for the new traveler. A place to find a bargain, a place to buy a bucket of cocktail. It’s crammed with market stalls, bars and restaurants, ranging from Western fare, to Japanese and Jamaican.

It’s like two different worlds depending on what time of day you go. During the day, its full of shoppers milling about, getting last minute items before they go to wherever Thailand takes them. Come here of a night, and its one big street party…. I prefer the night.

Volunteer briefing and orientation

We start on the Saturday with an orientation. Where the team gives tips, tricks and info on how to get by in Thailand. Then its off to see the amazing sights of Bangkok; floating markets, temples, canals and food (regular readers know how much I love the food).

Volunteer orientation in Bangkok, Thailand

Then after a much earned rest, it’s night time…. that means one thing: party!

It’s a hectic but insanely fun introduction to Thailand. But the three words that really do describe Khao San Road best are ‘hectic’ and ‘insanely fun’.

…. just remember it has to have a nap at midnight!

Ali, Sangkhlaburi Volunteer Coordinator

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