Sawadee krap!! Hello, from all here in Sangkhlaburi!

So, it’s coming to the peak of monsoon season here in west Thailand, but that is still not stopping us and a few hundred people from our volunteer groups from having an amazing time!

It was recently Mother’s Day here in Thailand. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the Queen of Thailand’s birthday. It’s a big celebration that follows the Chinese festival of Ghosts, a celebration started by Chinese Buddhists, to pray to and thank the ghosts that look after people. There was fire crackers, food (of course) music and dancing. As Mother’s day was 2 days after the festival, the government said Thailand could have an extra day’s holiday…. A 4 DAY WEEKEND!!!!

On the community program, where we have been working with young children at local nurseries, the children’s mums came in for food and a small ceremony. Our volunteers also got dragged into it too, where they sat in front of the children and the kids bow and give thanks and big hugs!!…. I also got pulled into too, where I stood out like a sore thumb. If you are not from Thailand and a foot and a half taller than the locals, you generally will stand out!

Volunteering in Thailand

The project week ended in the most relaxing way possible. A boat trip to an old temple in Sangkhla, bbq and a swim….. the sun even joined us for part of the afternoon!

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