A group of four seems small indeed,
however this group of four they did succeed.

A mother and daughter from Canada they came,
and two British girls who were much the same.

With a love of street food they tried all in sight,
They ate spicy things and finished each bite.

Painting a mural was their first goal,
They gave it their all, heart and soul.

A christmas theme they painted it well,
Complete with snow man and a christmas bell.

Next a ping pong room for the kids to play,
It was painted blue, the colour of day.

A garden we made with beautiful flowers,
Samui provided the water with afternoon showers.

Anthong island we went for a trip,
We jump in the ocean for a crystal blue dip.

Phueng their guide was an amazing host,
She is helpful and kind but not one to boast.

Goodbye we all said, yes we were sad.
As they were an amazing group, one of the best we have had.

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