Hi everyone, I hope you are feeling good. Summer is coming and that means hotter weather, longer days and (best of all!) more people taking a break and coming to volunteer in Thailand!

Last week we had a whole bunch of volunteers and I seem to be getting more and more busy as we come into summer – I love it! This time I had two groups in Surin; one group was on our awesome elephant project and another was on our great medical project.

Healthcare project Thailand Volunteer

Our volunteers at the elephant project went trekking with elephants, bathed the elephants (they need help washing behind their big ears), helped cut the sugar cane for the elephants to eat, and then went to learn how to cook some Thai food. What a week! But that wasn’t all; they also had a wonderful chance to help some the villagers with a wedding ceremony too.

Elephant volunteering project in Thailand

Our Thai culture is a bit different to some other western cultures, especially when it comes to weddings. The grooms family are to support the bride financially if the bride’s family wishes them to. [Now that is different! Traditionally the brides family would pay for the wedding, not the groom’s! – Starfish]

Our lucky volunteers had the opportunity to help them to cook, which was an honour and everyone was very excited and thrilled to join in the event.

Thailand volunteers cooking

There were some surprises though, especially for one volunteer who ate raw meat by accident because during the wedding party it was quite dark. Maybe it tasted very yummy but the feeling when you realise you ate RAW MEAT SALAD was not the best experience ever. Hahaha! But of course it was very funny and we all had a good laugh about it. What would you have done?

At our medical healthcare project two Canadians girls, who were 2nd year nursing students, had lots of new experiences and learned a lot of new things from staff at the clinic.

Medical volunteer program in Thailand

They were learning about different diseases and how to prevent them. It’s great to get experience in a different country because you learn so much from different people, our medical project is really great for this. They also used some of their skills to dress wounds with Thai skill wound dressing – a real east meets west skill combination! They had a great time and we are always glad to hear that you guys have had such a good experience with us.

Medical volunteers making dressings in a clinic in Thailand

Healthcare volunteer Thailand

Volunteer healthcare and medical volunteer in Thailand

My thought this week – “When traveling you can make some mistakes (raw meat salad anyone?) but it is the best experience ever!”

Have a great day

Nam, Surin volunteer coordinator

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