Sawadee Krap from Sangkhlaburi!

We had a Birthday in the ranks this week. Our Childcare/Community team member superstar Amon celebrated his 26th birthday. It was a very, very Thai affair. I have been working here in Thailand for just under a year now and I am still learning and being surprised by how things are done over here.

After a day of project work, staff, friends and neighbours gathered on the street where Amon and his family live. People came to wish him happy birthday and bring him gifts. The girls chatted and the guys showed off their motorbikes and the tricks they could do on them.

Before you knew it, matts and chairs were out and people gathered on the road in the middle of their street…. It didn’t really matter because the whole street was with us anyway!

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If I haven’t mentioned it before (I think I might have) food is a pretty big part of life in these parts. It seemed like every 2 minutes food just appeared from nowhere. There was rice dishes, noodle dishes, spicy dishes (of course), cake and… chicken feet. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

It was a great night, and another great experience to be involved in a street party….. all on a Tuesday night.

What were you doing on Tuesday night? Dreading work the next morning? Thinking about that assignment you know you should have started a month ago?

They all just sound like great reasons to travel to me.

So what are you waiting for? Come get stuck in!!!

Ali, Sangkhlaburi Volunteer Coordinator

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