It has been an absolutely jam packed few weeks hear in Sangkhlaburi as we are gearing up for the summer holidays! So much has happened in this small town. Volunteering, parties, more festivals, more parties, trekking, rafting, parties, food, parties, food…. You get the idea.


From the last 2 or so weeks, one morning really stood out for me though.


Tee (our resident Building/Challenge co-ordinator extraordinaire),4 volunteers, some of the local children and I took as short(ish) trek into the jungle to look for bamboo to use for a fence we were building for a local boarding school. For people not in the know, bamboo is the Superman of the plant world. It. Does. Everything!


We used it to walk over streams, float down rivers, walking sticks. And obviously, used it for the fence we were building.


This was all set in the jungle that reaches from our town right into Myanmar (Burma).It was quite the trek! We climbed, fell, swam, sweated and swung.  It was a great morning. But it’s not unique to this group. Random adventures are a common thing in this part of the world, and on our tours. It’s all about being open to new experiences and unknown places.


The one big piece of advice I give all our groups is: Get stuck in! The more you put in, the more you will get out.

Ali, Sangkhlaburi Volunteer Coordinator

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