That’s right, from the 1st of March we have dropped the price of our short Koh Samui volunteer projects and taken off more than £70! Prices have been reduced for our friends in the great US-of-A too, we have reduced our prices for short Koh Samui volunteer experiences by almost $100! And, not to forget all you lovely lot who are out there in Europe, we have taken almost €100 off our Koh Samui volunteer experiences for you guys too! So whether you pay in Pounds, American Dollars or Euro’s, you are going to bag yourself a bargain.

And if you are one of the few people who has never heard of Koh Samui then let me tell you a few things about this place. Koh Samui is a tropical paradise! We are talking, perfect sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, palm trees, and a totally chilled out atmosphere. We have two projects on this sun-lovers paradise, both of which involved some very cute kids: childcare and teaching. So you get to spend half of your day playing fun games and teaching excited children and then you get to spend the other half in beautiful bliss on the beach. Just take a look at some of our pictures below and we’ll save a nice warm spot on the beach for you!

Koh Samui teaching and Koh Samui childcare – now starting at only £385, $616, €462 for one week.

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