Responsible Travel

At Starfish we believe in enriching lives through responsible travel. As soon as you begin your travel adventure with us you will be assisting in developing the local community through your chosen project. All of the expereinces that we offer have been carefully selected to not only ensure that they benefit the community, but also to give you a lasting lifetime experience and memories. We operate at a grassroots level, in-country, so that we can continue to offer you the best travel adventures out there.

Responsible TravellingĀ Abroad

For us, responsible travel is not just another empty promise, it is at our very core. Maintaining and preserving the environment and contributing to local communities is part of everything that we do – from supporting local schools to using local transport wherever it is practical. We care passionately about community development and our travel experiences aim to meet the current and future needs of local communities. Many of our experiences include hands-on projects that give you the opportunity to make a real difference to the communities you spend time in.

What’s more, by choosing to travel with us you help make a difference before you have even arrived at your destination. Take our elephant village experience for example, by choosing to book your adventure with us we can continue to support the village and help keep the elephants from being used to beg on the streets. This is just one example of the many projects that we support with your help. So whatever adventure is right for you, you can be sure that it is helping a worthy cause.

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