Childcare Experiences Abroad

Our childcare volunteer programmes connect you to worthwhile opportunities to help and support childcare centres in local communities.


Make a difference. Build a childs confidence through a variety of fun games and activities.


Place yourself in the heart of a local community and learn all about the culture, tradition and cuisine.


You’ll meet people from all walks of life. Make friends and enjoy the endless range of activities to get involved in.

Our Childcare Project

Working with and helping children is one of the greatest things you can do – not only do you build up a child’s confidence but you also encourage them to interact with people from different continents and different walks of life. As a part of this programme you will be providing valuable experience and education that would be lacking without your support. Not only that but you are also going to have an amazing time abroad as you discover more about the country you are visiting and it’s customs.

In many poorer countries parents will often live away from their home and their children so that they can go where laborious work is needed. With no money to pay for childcare, and little other option but to work away, we provide these families with free childcare. Our travellers support our non-profit run centre where children may learn basic math, English and socialise in a safe, caring environment.

Childcare Projects & Experiences

Childcare Experience in Surin, Thailand

Come to Surin and the first thing you may notice is the warm welcome you will receive from the Thai community. Located in the North East of Thailand, our childcare volunteer experience here is ideally suited to those who want to make a difference in a rural community.

What Our Travellers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our travellers do the talking!

An amazing experience. The school children were an absolute joy to share time with. The children were so warm and polite, and made the whole week a total joy.


The children at the childcare were great and it was awesome been able to part of their lives. A day at the childcare consisted of looking and playing with the kids, helping to teach english and day to day class activities. We also help with lunch time meals etc. I miss the kids alot and would love to go back.


A brilliant team of leaders and guides who immerse you in the local community and gives you the chance to make a difference and others. An amazing and rewarding experience.


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