Our Experiences

Fun, Friendly Guides

We know that our tours are only as good as our tour guides, which is why we have the friendliest, most fun, local tour guides to make sure you have the time of your life.

Memories Of A Lifetime

Incredible beaches, amazing activities, new friends – experience it all on our tours. Be sure to bring your camera along so you can relive the moments again and again.

Responsible Travel Done Right

With over 10 years of experience we are travel experts and we use our experience to ensure all of our tours are not only fun, but also support the local communities.

Incredible Travel & Gap Year Experiences

Starfish offers a variety of incredible travel adventures and experiences across Southeast Asia. By travelling with us you will be supporting a range of local conservation, education and community projects in rural communities throughout Asia.

As we are based in Thailand, it is important to us to maintain close relationships with the community leaders so that our experiences provide the very best, and most impactful support.

All of our experiences are run in partnership with the communities to ensure that they only receive the support they need, which is why each and every volunteer plays an important role.

It is our goal to empower and support the local communities and our experiences are essential to achieving our goal.

Elephant Experiences

Our elephant experiences get you an exclusive look into the life of the elephants and their carers in small communities. Join in the daily activities such as cleaning the elephants, walking them down to the river and chopping down banana trees.

Childcare Experiences

Our childcare experience aims to provide a safe, fun learning environment for young children while their parents may be living and working away. Play a variety of educational games with the children and help them learn basic English.

Healthcare Experiences

Popular with university students who are studying a variety of health related degrees, our healthcare placement puts you in the heart of the communities we work with so that you can get a first hand look at healthcare in a developing community.

Teaching Experiences

Learning English as a second language can be an important part of children’s lives. It can provide a wealth of opportunities in both their personal life and their professional life too. Our teaching experience helps you to make an lasting impression.

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