Name: Za Za

Age: 27

Where are you from? Myanmar

What is your role within the Sangkhlaburi team? Project Coordinator

How did you come to work for Starfish, and how long ago did you start?
I started working for Starfish 4 years ago in the Bangkok office. Then I left to run an Italian restaurant in Bangkok. 7 months ago I decided I wanted to come back and be part of the team again and work over in Sangkhlaburi.

Za Za

What have you found to be the biggest differences between living in Myanmar and Thailand?
I find that there is more freedom in Thailand to work, and a live a freer lifestyle.

So, what is the biggest difference between living in Bangkok and Sangkhlaburi?
Sangkhlaburi is more quiet, nicer, more calm. Also it’s a lot cheaper!

What is the best part about living in Sangkhlaburi?
THE FOOD! The food style is more close to my home, with Sangkhlaburi being so close to the Myanmar border. It’s also more fresh!

What is your favourite Thai meal?
Phanang Curry!

Za Za amon

With all the groups of volunteers and groups that come through Sangkhlaburi, you must know some pretty funny or embarrassing stories…?
One time a group of childcare volunteers from Thailand experience helped paint the outside walls of the childcare centre, and thought it would be fun to paint their faces with the paint! The volunteers didn’t realise that’s the paint wouldn’t wash off easily and had to stick out two days with paint on their faces!

Any advice you’d give to anyone coming to Thailand?
Learn how to say ‘Sawadee’ – hello! And also remember to Wai – the Thai way to bow when greeting someone.

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