Our latest group have been having the time of their lives travelling and exploring some of the most interesting and beautiful locations in Thailand.

Having already explored the vibrant city of Bangkok – including it’s spectacular temples – our travellers headed north to the wonderfully majestic city of Chiang Mai. From there the group travelled down to the south of Thailand to marvel at the incredible islands. First stop: Koh Samui…

dam thailand koh samui volunteering

Our volunteers have been getting there hands dirty on our volunteer project by building a check dam to prevent flooding during the rainy season.

Their whirlwind adventure continued after they said farewell to Koh Samui and headed for Koh Tao.

volunteer abroad thailand travel

Bring on the fun!

“Are we there yet?” Shhh.. “Are we there yet?” No.. Are we there yet? YES!.. Welcome to Koh Tao.

The islands beauty is the first thing our group notices as they step off the boat and into the clear warm waters. Koh Tao might be small in size but it makes up for it with it’s laid back atmosphere and easy going locals. The stunning views and the great range of activities, including diving and snorkelling, meant that the island was a very special treat for our explorers.

volunteer abroad thailand travel

What better way to start the day then snorkelling? (Tip: There is no better)

After a great night on the island sharing stories and enjoying a sunset to remember, the group were up bright and early, ready for the day ahead.

The warm, clear blue water was perfect for watching the tropical fish swim beneath them. Seeing fish swim beneath you, between your legs and around your feet is another unforgettable – and dare we say magical moment from Koh Tao.

volunteer abroad thailand travel

3..2..1.. WAHOO!

What an amazing adventure! The group are already having the time of their lives and it’s not over yet. They still have the Full Moon Party on the island of Phangnan to look forward to. What a trip!

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