Volunteer travel is an awesome thing to do. Not only can it help improve your confidence, help you meet likeminded people and change the world for the better, but it can also be the ideal place to find that special someone.

We’ve seen our fair share of romances on our trips, and we think we know why. Here’s 6 ways volunteer travel can help you find your kindred spirit.

1. People who go on volunteer travel tours make lasting memories together.


Photo by Igun, CC-BY-2.0.

People love a good story, from hearing about where you’ve been to hearing about how you met someone. Volunteering is a lot of things but it is never boring! When you volunteer abroad you are setting yourself up for making memories of a lifetime. And best of all, the memories you make will be shared with others.

2. Volunteers want to experience new things.

Khao San Road Eating a Scorpion

Our volunteers are always asking ‘what’s that?’ or ‘how does that taste?’ moments before they eat a fried scorpion on a stick. Sure, it’s a little bit strange but all the best people are! Volunteering in a different country makes people more open minded and willing to try different things which is great news for people who want to experience new things together.

3. Volunteers travel in groups.


Volunteers are like fish, they travel in groups. And the best way to catch a fish is to go where there are lots of them around. Ok, so maybe volunteers aren’t like fish but our volunteer projects do put you with a mix of people from all over the world who you can start new friendships with. Who knows, maybe you will even find your perfect catch?

4. People who volunteer are nice!

Volunteer teaching project Thailand

This one should be obvious but in case it isn’t then let us spell it out for you: People who volunteer their time and effort to a cause are generally really nice people. Jack Johnson once asked ‘where’d all the good people go?’ Well Jack, we’ll tell you. They all went to volunteer abroad! So if your future Mr or Mrs Right is a nice person you could find them out there volunteering.

5. Volunteering is a great bonding exercise.


Photo by J.Hayat, CC-BY-2.0.

Putting your heads together to solve a common problem is great for team building and making lifelong friends. It can also go a long way in helping you find that special someone. While you are working together to help feed the elephants, paint a school or teach a class, your potential partner could be thinking about just how well you both work together.

6. Volunteers already have something in common.


Photo by fabulousfabs, CC-BY-2.0.

Some people are great at meeting new people. If you are on of these people then get outta here you lucky thing – just kidding! If you’re not a social butterfly then getting to know people can actually be pretty tough. But if you’re on a volunteer trip then you already have something in common! Not only that but if the tour guides are cool (like ours) then they will break the ice for you and ensure that everyone knows each other.

Hey, this is actually some pretty solid advice, maybe we should go into the dating business? Starfish Dates Abroad coming soon! You heard it here first.

Bonus: Love is all around!

Some people are just at their happiest when they are travelling, having a great time and without a care in the world. When you are relaxed and stress free in a beautiful new place there is a lot of room for love to make an appearance.


Photo by martingarri, CC-BY-2.0.

Have you found love or lasting friendships while you have been volunteering abroad?

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