You need a break. You know it, we know it and everyone knows it. You’ve been working too hard, not been getting the recognition you deserve and to make matters worse there is that one thing that just keeps bringing you down. Do you need some more proof that you need a break? Then you better check these out…

1. Waking up on Monday morning is the worst part of the week.


2. This is the closest you get to a clever conversation.

Best Gif Ever

3. You don’t take jokes all that well anymore.


4. Whenever you feel good life has a way of dragging you down.

Bathrobe Strut Fail

5. You are surrounded by robots.

Traumatized Dog

6. Your boss gives you a piece of ‘urgent’ work with a tight deadline.


7. And your colleagues make it look easy.

Dog is Better at Yoga

8. Nothing ruins Friday more than finding out it’s only Tuesday.


9. You tell yourself “well done”, because no one else does.


10. You spend all day lurking on Facebook seeing everyone else having a great time.


11. You find out that flights aren’t as expensive as you thought.


12. When you would give anything to be chilling on a beach…

giphy (1)

Ok, so there were actually 12 but that’s because we always love to give you more. Who’re your buddies, eh? That’s right, we are.

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