About Starfish Adventure

At Starfish we believe in enriching lives through responsible travel. As soon as you begin your travel adventure with us you will be assisting in developing the local community through your chosen project. All of the experiences that we offer have been carefully selected to not only ensure that they benefit the community, but also to give you a lasting lifetime experience and memories. We operate at a grassroots level, in-country, so that we can continue to offer you the best travel adventures out there.

For us, responsible travel is not just another empty promise, it is at our very core. Maintaining and preserving the environment and contributing to local communities is part of everything that we do – from supporting local schools to using local transport wherever practical . We care passionately about community development and our travel experiences aim to meet the current and future needs of local communities. Many of our experiences include hands-on experiences that give you the opportunity to make a real difference to the communities you spend time in.

Travel Abroad in Asia: The Land of Adventure!

Asia has it all – from stunning temples and pagodas to beautiful white-sand beaches straight out of the movies. We offer you the chance to experience some of the world’s best beaches, luscious jungles, delicious street food, rich cultures, bustling markets, adventure sports, and unbelievable beach parties. Our carefully selected experiences cover a whole range of activities and interests across Asia. So whether you want to bathe with an elephant in Thailand or take a bike tour in Burma, we believe that we have something for everyone.


Young, Fun Tour Guides

You do not have to be boring to provide exceptional customer service. Our young at heart, fun tour guides provide local insights and offer a unique personal perspective to your trip.

In-Country Support

We provide experienced, friendly in-country 24-hour travel support. Our dedicated, locally based, teams are experienced and travel devotees, which ensures you that your trip will run smoothly and you will have an unforgettable time.

Comfortable Accommodation

Our trips offer a unique basic but comfortable range of home-stays, dormitory style houses, and local guesthouses which allow you to experience the local communities while still being safe and comfortable.


Authentic Transportation

We like to use local means of getting around, such as local buses, tuk-tuks, ferries and boats. Where necessary however, we may use private vehicles to make journeys quicker and more flexible.

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